I, Allan, shall launch Tricia's pages and update them occasionally until she becomes unbusy. Here is her Second Life creation fueled by her love of music, the Retropolis Rollin' Restarts Rehearsal.

Tricia built a music hall from scratch, gathered props, costumes and avatars, set the lighting, put together an original music remix and choreographed the band. I helped her with the four computers we used to run twelve avatars. One of the computers ran Camtasia which she used to record various video clips of what appeared on the monitor screen, a technique for making animations called Machinima.

Click the picture above to play the YouTube video in a new tab.

Tricia's melding of two pieces of music is both moving and on message. BTW, that's Tricia holding the mic, singing and dancing, and that's Allan to her left (your right), playing the guitar.

For post production, the final step, Tricia used AVS Video Editor. On that note enjoy the performance.