Cynosure Studio*


Like your social and political commentaries, and reviews, with energetic matter-of-factness peppered with shades of irony, sometimes silly speculation, as well as education? Try Cracked.

What we really enjoy are their YouTube series like Some News, Hilarious Helmet History, After Hours, If . . . Ads Were Honest (with Roger), as well as numerous specialty pieces.

David Kestin Films/Photos*

Get a glimpse of an up and coming director that speaks to our nature with heart and whismy. View this in his short films like the award winning "Open House" as well as in his photos.

NYU Film School graduate David is also an adept writer and producer.

Honest Trailers*

Forget about dry movie reviews. You'll get a sassy assessment of your favorite film that will make you laugh and might irk you too. Review their review of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

They also do video games. For example check out SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY.

Ronnie's Design Studio*

A wealth of wonderful, original art awaits to delight young children and parents alike. Custom made and personalized ensures its special place in your heart and decor.

See for yourself. Families reap the benefits of Ronnie's love of art.

Today I Found Out*

I find Simon Whistler's elucidation of myriad facts, past and present, to be as entertaining as it is enlightening. I've discovered new and intriguing information and had misconceptions dispelled.

As an example check out The Man Who Saved the World. He also has a series called Top Tenz. For a taste try Top 10 MIND BLOWING Facts That Sound Like BS but are True.


This is a great website with tutorials and references for HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. Click the logo for their free and easy framework that integrates with HTML to make responsive websites.

Working with the W3.CSS tutorial I was able to make responsive websites fairly quickly (I'm still learning). Resize this web browser to see how this website adapts. BTW, you are welcome to my WIP "cheat sheet".

What The Physics?!*

Science and technology give us amazing abilities (like this device you're using now) because the once unknown is now known. Your Harvard physicist host Greg makes that information so accessible you'll have "aha" moments.

He also produces this emerging PBS/Nova web series. Greg doesn't just explain things such as light, he keeps it light. Click the logo and give "Lake vs. Olive Oil" a try.

Wit & Wisdom*

Good advice, language clarified, humor, and more made accessible and entertaining. We strive to provide a view of the world that promotes a brighter outlook.

We? I've partnered with a New Zealand writer, television producer, and graphics designer in this labor of love. He's now freelance and available for various projects.